Alex Potoczak of Ohio – Attending Hamilton College

If you are looking for one of the best colleges in New York, Hamilton College is a private liberal arts college located in the city of Clinton. At Hamilton, you can study what interests you, be accepted for who you are and what you believe, and prepare to be the person you were meant to become.

Originally the school as a boys’ school and chartered in 1812 as Hamilton College. It had been coeducational since 1978 when it merged with its sister school Kirkland College.

Hamilton, also known as the College on the Hill, was 15th among National Liberal Arts Colleges in 2015. Hamilton College’s mission is to provide an educational experience that emphasizes academic excellence and the development of students as human beings. As they prepare them to make choices and accept the responsibilities of citizenship in a democratic world of intellect and diversity. Hamilton is known for its strong Economics program, which Alex is a proud part of.

Alex Potoczak OhioAlex Potoczak of Ohio is an experienced graduate level laboratory researcher with an emphasis on umbilical cord stem cell research. He has worked at Case Western University and University Hospitals of Cleveland under the supervision of Dr. Mary Laughlin and Dr. Nick Greco. Alex played baseball at Hamilton College where he is enrolled currently and is majoring in Economics and will soon be minoring in Religious Studies and Biology. He is an extremely creative thinker with a high intelligence. He received high SAT II scores at 790 in Biology and Math 2. He also received PSAT National Merit accolades. Alex has unique hobbies and interests, such as Oceanography and how it relates to alternative energy, the legal system, technology, sports, and politics.

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