After Graduating High School

After graduating high school, there are a few different next steps you have to choose from. While some may decide to head into the workforce, others may decide to go abroad, while still even more might decide to continue their education. Naturally, there are both advantages and disadvantages to all of these approaches. Entering the workforce is a great way to start earning money, but due to the countless jobs that require a bachelor’s, it may be difficult to advance very far. Travelling, on the other hand, is a great thing for any young person to experience and if you have the means necessary, it could be a great idea to see some of the world before settling down at a university or job. If one decides to continue their education, they have a few different options. Universities are a great experience for most young adults. Often times the quality of professor will be higher at a university. Additionally, a university provides an environment of young people with like-minded thinking that can lead to wonderful long lasting friendships. Universities, however, can be extremely expensive. Private universities are often even more expensive than state universities, and the amount of debt one is willing to obtain should be considered before enrollment. In many occasions, the wiser choice is to enroll in one’s local community college for the first couple of years and then transfer those units to a university to save money. Alex Potoczak Ohio is currently a student at Hamilton College.

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