Higher Education

As a Bachelor’s Degree slowly becomes what used to a high school diploma when it comes to entering the workforce, more and more people may begin why it even matters at all. With school becoming increasingly more expensive, it can be hard to enjoy learning when all you can think about is the debt that is waiting to greet you at graduation. However, high education is still crucial to maintaining a thriving society and should be thought of as more than just a ticket to a job.

Alex Potoczak Ohio

Higher education is for expanding one’s mind and growing as an individual just as much as it is for landing in physical results. Attending college can provide one with opportunities to learn about things they might not otherwise have the choice to. It is also a great time to explore interest areas outside of where you might one day work. Since most jobs just require a bachelor’s but tend not to care about the actual major, one could take classes in philosophy, history, or any other number of subjects that can help them understand the world around them. College also teaches skills that can be used in the workforce such as critical and abstract thinking. Overall, what you get out of your college experience will be what you put into it. If you put in the time and energy to really learn, you will get a lot more out of your classes. Alex Potoczak of Ohio is a student at Hamilton College.

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