The Competition in NESCAC Collegiate Sports

College sports have always been a great way for people attending universities and fans of collegiate programs to get together during athletic competition. It is a great time for the athletes to compete as they are celebrated for their participation by their supporters. College athletes go through great links to participating in their sport.

They have first to qualify to attend the universities or colleges. Collegiate athletes also need to go through strenuous training and practice activities throughout their time at a university. Maintaining the student athletes status means they must also meet criteria for their educational requirements.

Alex Potoczak Ohio

Alex Potoczak Ohio

Some of these universities put efforts to become part of conferences that emphasize the academic course studies as the priority over the sport. The New England small College athletic conference was established in 1971 with core values to bring the most out of student athletes. Making the emphasis on academics ensures a sports program can be entertaining and productive for both the student athlete as well as the fans that enjoyed their programs.

One program that has had success in the conference is the baseball team from Hamilton College out of New York. They host games at Royce baseball field that is named after former player Steve Royce, who was considered a top-notch player by Cy Young himself. He would play for the New York Giants and have a successful career. Hamilton College is in the Western division and placed third in 2015. Alex Potoczak Ohio enjoyed his time playing baseball at Hamilton College after transferring from a high school in Ohio.

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