Sports in College

Playing a sport can have many different benefits. While you may never go on to become a professional player, it is still extremely valuable. Often, sports players are offered lots of scholarships during college. Sports can also help keep you in shape and force you to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. Often in college it can be hard to find the time and money to eat healthy, but by playing a sport, your coaches may help regulate your diet. Besides just healthy eating, playing sports in college has several other benefits.

Alex Potoczak Ohio

In many cases, colleges will let athletes enroll in classes first so that they can work around their practice and game schedules. This would allow you to select the best classes from the best professors and help ensure that you get the most out of your education. Many professors are very understanding when it comes to the hectic schedule of an athlete and will help you out and give you extensions on assignments when needed.

Another plus is the friendships you can develop as part of a team. The people you play on a team with during college may end up becoming your closest friends. The large amount of time spent together can create a great family-like environment and students often grow together over their time at school. Even if you do not plan to continue after graduating college, it is still highly recommend that you participate in sports during your college years. Alex Potoczak is a student at Hamilton College and also a baseball player.

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