The Importance of Stem Cell Research

As modern medicine and science advances, there are opportunities for much-needed discoveries to improve health. What made potentially await the scientific community is a chance to cure or improve the conditions of patients with diseases and physical disabilities. As improved technology becomes infused with research, the experts are becoming closer to accomplishing their much-needed discoveries. The opportunity brought forth by stem cell research has broken new ground for modern medicine. To understand how important the research and studies of stem cells are, successful programs proving the potentiality needed to initiate.

Alex Potoczak OhioStem cells and the research were first discovered in human cord blood back in 1978. The discovery would open a new chapter in research. Then in 1981 research through mice showed that Vitro stem cell lines could be developed from them. The first embryonic stem line would be successfully derived from a primate in 1995. In 1997, the famous cloned lamb had ultimately become a reality for the world the witness. Later in that year the origin of leukemia was found as being a Hematopoietic stem cell.

There are now countless studies and research programs that are accelerating in the process for the scientific community to have a better understanding of stem cells. There are now treatments that have adult stem cells being used by specialists to treat conditions. Heart disease is a condition that is now being treated with the stem cells as well as leukemia. Alex Potoczak Ohio is a student-athlete at Hamilton College. He did a project on stem cell research back in high school because he believes that Lou Gehrig’s disease could be cured.

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