Enjoying Literature as a Pastime

Pastimes are great to enjoy especially after a hard day’s work. Leisure is a necessary part of life to bring a sense of appreciation for one’s freedom. Relieving yourself from activities such as work and parenting can bring rewarding personal moments for just about anyone. Clarity is an important function in thought which can become clouded from an overabundance of stress. There are many activities that one can enjoy finding personal time to be constructive to sustain a positive spirit and motivation to stay content.

Alex Potoczak OhioA pastime that has always brought great focus and captivation of the imagination is reading literature. At one-time, reading literature was only for the upper class that could afford tutors to teach them how to read. Some people may only pick up a book during their days studying required material for a course. It is unfortunate that many who don’t take the time to read do not understand how many accomplishments one may feel after finishing a good book. Some books are in advanced reading caliber such as books written in old English for plays. It is up to the reader to take the time and decipher the content so it may be acknowledged.

For those that enjoy good literature like Alex Potoczak Ohio, they know what type of literature the enjoy the most. Alex picked up reading as a pastime while attending high school in Ohio. He loves to converse to fellow readers about books that they have read and likes to compare what they felt about the book as a way to reflect how much he liked it.

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Pushing for Success with the National Merit Scholarship Program.

The opportunity for organizations that help students here in the United States reach their maximum potential is always welcome. The National Merit Scholarship Program is a nonprofit, privately funded organization that had been established in 1955. It is a unique and well-recognized program by many universities across the country. Students that participate must be juniors in high school and have completed the PSAT as well as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test no later than the month of October. It is estimated that around 1.5 million juniors will take the test every year as 50,000 with the highest scores will meet the requirement necessary to participate.

Alex Potoczak OhioA procedure will follow in which the PSAT and NMSQT administration will take the time to contact approximately two-thirds of the students from the 50,000 who first qualified. The students will receive letters of commendation that will recognize the academic status. The remaining one-third of the 50,000 students will then become qualified as semifinalists in the program. It is at that point that the student that is qualified as a semi-finalist must complete the national merit scholarship application to move on to the next round of qualified students. The SAT must be taken no later than December of the senior year. By February of the following year, they will be notified as to which 8200 will be selected for merit scholarships.

Alex Potoczak Ohio took the SATs and scored 790 in Calculus BC and 790 in Biology, which were ten points off a perfect score. He received recommendations for the program while he was attending Lake Ridge Academy in Ohio. He now attends Hamilton College in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in economics.

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The Importance of Stem Cell Research

As modern medicine and science advances, there are opportunities for much-needed discoveries to improve health. What made potentially await the scientific community is a chance to cure or improve the conditions of patients with diseases and physical disabilities. As improved technology becomes infused with research, the experts are becoming closer to accomplishing their much-needed discoveries. The opportunity brought forth by stem cell research has broken new ground for modern medicine. To understand how important the research and studies of stem cells are, successful programs proving the potentiality needed to initiate.

Alex Potoczak OhioStem cells and the research were first discovered in human cord blood back in 1978. The discovery would open a new chapter in research. Then in 1981 research through mice showed that Vitro stem cell lines could be developed from them. The first embryonic stem line would be successfully derived from a primate in 1995. In 1997, the famous cloned lamb had ultimately become a reality for the world the witness. Later in that year the origin of leukemia was found as being a Hematopoietic stem cell.

There are now countless studies and research programs that are accelerating in the process for the scientific community to have a better understanding of stem cells. There are now treatments that have adult stem cells being used by specialists to treat conditions. Heart disease is a condition that is now being treated with the stem cells as well as leukemia. Alex Potoczak Ohio is a student-athlete at Hamilton College. He did a project on stem cell research back in high school because he believes that Lou Gehrig’s disease could be cured.

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Computer Programs

In many ways, millennials have a huge advantage in the workforce as most are extremely tech savvy. Growing up in the age of the internet, millennials have been using computers since a very young age and have a good grasp on them in general. This ability, however, should not be taken for granted and it is a good idea for young millennials to harness their computer skills to be all that they can.

Alex Potoczak OhioWhen it comes to landing a job, proficiency on both Mac and PC are often a plus. It is a good idea for a young person to learn how to use both with ease as you never know which your employer will be looking for. Furthermore, it is a great idea to become extremely familiar with the Microsoft Suite. In particular, some of the most common are Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. At the very least, one should be familiar with each of those and proficient at a least a couple.

With Google’s growing success, many startups are turning to using the Google Suite instead or in addition to the Microsoft one. Many universities use Gmail as their main email system that provide their students with four years full of opportunities to become familiar with their software. Being proficient in Gmail is crucial in this day and age. Last of all, if you are going into the arts or marketing at all, it may be a good idea to learn some of the programs on the Adobe Suite such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Alex Potoczak Ohio is a student at Hamilton College.

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Sports in College

Playing a sport can have many different benefits. While you may never go on to become a professional player, it is still extremely valuable. Often, sports players are offered lots of scholarships during college. Sports can also help keep you in shape and force you to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. Often in college it can be hard to find the time and money to eat healthy, but by playing a sport, your coaches may help regulate your diet. Besides just healthy eating, playing sports in college has several other benefits.

Alex Potoczak Ohio

In many cases, colleges will let athletes enroll in classes first so that they can work around their practice and game schedules. This would allow you to select the best classes from the best professors and help ensure that you get the most out of your education. Many professors are very understanding when it comes to the hectic schedule of an athlete and will help you out and give you extensions on assignments when needed.

Another plus is the friendships you can develop as part of a team. The people you play on a team with during college may end up becoming your closest friends. The large amount of time spent together can create a great family-like environment and students often grow together over their time at school. Even if you do not plan to continue after graduating college, it is still highly recommend that you participate in sports during your college years. Alex Potoczak is a student at Hamilton College and also a baseball player.

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The Competition in NESCAC Collegiate Sports

College sports have always been a great way for people attending universities and fans of collegiate programs to get together during athletic competition. It is a great time for the athletes to compete as they are celebrated for their participation by their supporters. College athletes go through great links to participating in their sport.

They have first to qualify to attend the universities or colleges. Collegiate athletes also need to go through strenuous training and practice activities throughout their time at a university. Maintaining the student athletes status means they must also meet criteria for their educational requirements.

Alex Potoczak Ohio

Alex Potoczak Ohio

Some of these universities put efforts to become part of conferences that emphasize the academic course studies as the priority over the sport. The New England small College athletic conference was established in 1971 with core values to bring the most out of student athletes. Making the emphasis on academics ensures a sports program can be entertaining and productive for both the student athlete as well as the fans that enjoyed their programs.

One program that has had success in the conference is the baseball team from Hamilton College out of New York. They host games at Royce baseball field that is named after former player Steve Royce, who was considered a top-notch player by Cy Young himself. He would play for the New York Giants and have a successful career. Hamilton College is in the Western division and placed third in 2015. Alex Potoczak Ohio enjoyed his time playing baseball at Hamilton College after transferring from a high school in Ohio.

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Higher Education

As a Bachelor’s Degree slowly becomes what used to a high school diploma when it comes to entering the workforce, more and more people may begin why it even matters at all. With school becoming increasingly more expensive, it can be hard to enjoy learning when all you can think about is the debt that is waiting to greet you at graduation. However, high education is still crucial to maintaining a thriving society and should be thought of as more than just a ticket to a job.

Alex Potoczak Ohio

Higher education is for expanding one’s mind and growing as an individual just as much as it is for landing in physical results. Attending college can provide one with opportunities to learn about things they might not otherwise have the choice to. It is also a great time to explore interest areas outside of where you might one day work. Since most jobs just require a bachelor’s but tend not to care about the actual major, one could take classes in philosophy, history, or any other number of subjects that can help them understand the world around them. College also teaches skills that can be used in the workforce such as critical and abstract thinking. Overall, what you get out of your college experience will be what you put into it. If you put in the time and energy to really learn, you will get a lot more out of your classes. Alex Potoczak of Ohio is a student at Hamilton College.

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